Monday, May 10, 2010

When you get sick while being sick with Lupus...

Sometimes you get sick while you are sick with lupus.  It happens.  Since I take immune suppressing medications...three of getting a cold, or congested from allergies is a bad thing.  Since the immune system is suppressed, it can't stop pesky invaders or even the normal stuff we're supposed to have. Which means, the normal bacteria that we have on our skin that doesn't hurt people with healthy immune systems, can hurt me...can put me in the hospital.

The balance between normal bacteria and yeast can easily be disturbed by many medications which ever critter happens to be the stronger will maybe that dry white patch on your tongue isn't just dry mouth but thrush because of your asthma medications.  Maybe the prednisone you take is enough to give the yeast an edge but the healthy bacteria is holding its own until you take antibiotics to kill off the bad bacteria...and have a nasty yeast infection in your intestinal tract.

Today...I have 103F temp.  Coughing.  Headache.  Sinus and ear infection and scripts for an antibiotic and anti-fungal.  They are not stopping any of the immune suppressing meds hoping that the antibiotics will be enough.  If the infection doesn't get better by Friday...well then off at least one of the meds. (((FINGERS CROSSED this antibiotic works)))

Please remember others when you are never know if they can survive your common cold.

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