Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am more than my book cover...

I am a mother...a wife...a daughter.  

I have dreamsgoals and desires.  

I am a good friend.  

I am a student and a teacher.  

I am a supervisor and an employee.  

I am a servant, and a leader.  

I smile...laugh...cry.  

I love with all of me.  I am passionate, feel deeply and care immensely.  

I am young and old.  

I am funny and smart.  

I am beautiful and radiant.  

I am sick and broken.

I have Lupus.

I am everything and more.  

I am worth loving and getting close to.  

I am worth all the crazy weirdness that I bring to the world.  

Because I make life more...more unpredictable and spontaneous...more full of love and laughter...more enjoyable...more alive. 

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