Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Man's World...

Lupus is generally thought of as a woman's illness.  I have some interesting facts about Lupus and men.

Did you know???

Ø  1 prepubescent boy will develop lupus for every 3 girls.
Ø  1 teen male/adult male will develop lupus for every 10 females of the same age range
Ø  1 male over the age of 50 will develop lupus for every 8 females of the same age range

Did you know???

There is a higher prevalence in males with lupus for:

Ø  lupus nephritis
Ø  vasculitis
Ø  CNS involvement
Ø  drug induced lupus

Did you know???

These famous men had lupus:

Ø  The late, Charles Kuralt died in 1997 from lupus complications.  He was most noted for his “On the Road” segments on the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite and as the first anchor of CBS News Sunday Morning.
Ø  Former MLB Outfielder, Tim Raines was diagnosed in 1999 with lupus.  The lupus nephritis essentially ended his baseball career by 2001.  Fingers crossed for him being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year!!
Ø  Our favorite Martian, the late Ray Walston died in 2001 from lupus complications after a six year battle.
Ø  Singer, Seal (hubby to Heidi Klum) has had Discoid Lupus since childhood.  He has numerous scars on his face and hair loss as a result of discoid lupus.  He does not have the systemic form.
Ø  The late Michael Jackson had lupus and vitiligo.

Did you know???

There is research possibly linking a gene in the X chromosome to lupus.  Since women have two X chromosomes and men one, this could be the reason so few men get lupus. 

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