Saturday, September 18, 2010


I wish doctors would remember that the person in front of them has feelings...hopes....dreams...aspirations.  Remember that we don't want to see them every month....have labs every week...expensive and sometimes painful tests monthly...or procedures that don't help.  WE don't want to see you acting thrilled because you think we have something NEW and EXCITING...something worthy of being written up for a journal.

I am Delana.

I am a MOM! 
I am a friend. 
I am a child. 
I am a student because life is about learning.  
I am a teacher because I can help others learn. 
I am an employee.
I am a boss.

I feel pain every day with every movement.  Yet I smile because I see life as a precious gift.  I laugh because there is joy to be found in most everything. I scream when frightened or my team lost or sometimes just to vent.  My eyes leak...well because sometimes I am overcome with happiness... or the physical pain is more than I can handle at that moment...or when I get angry, weird I know but still it happens...or when I feel emotional pain, either from someone hurting my feelings or when I think I may have hurt someone's feelings....and I will admit it...sappy movies and books.

I can and do make a difference in people's lives.

HOWEVER...Pay attention here Doctors....I am not MY compilation of diseases.  I sure as hell am not YOUR BLEEPING CASE STUDY.  I do not wish to V-8 slap you in the forehead.

I will be happy to help others by working WITH you as a case study if you can respect me as a patient, and person and not treat me as some SIDESHOW FREAK you want to dissect.  Remember...I AM DELANA...I have lupus.  I am a mom and as such, I can kick your ass!