Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 3 - Comedy of Errors

Well...I managed to get 11, 097 steps in today.  =)

So...I left for work on time and was even going to get there early.  I get a call saying that there was car trouble at home and that I needed to turn around and come back.  Ok...I was 30 minutes out from home...I turned around and started back.  I get within 3 miles of home when I get another call telling that the car works now and I'm not needed.  HEAVY SIGH.  I turn around again and head back to work.  At this point I am 20 minutes late for work.  I get there and head to the testing center to drop of tests for a faculty member.  I leave my vehicle sitting in the fire lane with flashers going so I can run in and run back out.  I come out and try to start my truck.  DEAD.   The battery died.  

At this point, I am thinking that the universe is telling me I need to head back home and hibernate under the covers.  I call parking services to have them come give me a jump so I can head back to the office.  They tell me I need to be standing outside waiting for them to arrive.  HUH?!  It's minus two degrees outside and my truck isn't working.  It took them about 15 minutes to get there and another 10 to get me running.  I couldn't feel my feet or hands.  BAH...who needs them anyway.

I finally get settled in at my desk and the next round of things failing to work right started.  I think I had gremlins following me all day.  Three computers and a telephone.  I bought a lottery ticket because this much bad luck only means one thing...when good luck comes back to me....BOOYAH BABY!!! walked up two flights of stairs today only one time, but I did get to run all over my building just like...


Sigh....I will use free hand weights tomorrow to do some strengthening and toning of the arms and even attempt a few modified squats to be gentle on my knees.  

Hope you all are thinking about making small, positive changes in your life.

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