Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 5...Resting today...not by choice

So...nothing like struggling to breathe in the wee hours of the morning only to realize that I am having not only an asthma attack but a full fledged allergic reaction.

I hate going out to eat.  We tried a new restaurant last night and I quizzed the chef and made him aware of all my numerous allergies.  He told me what dishes were safe and I ordered them.  Imagine my surprise when I find out that he cooked the flipping potatoes in CHICKEN STOCK.   So...the whole...I can SAFELY eat only turkey and pork fell on DEAF EARS.  I will never go back to that restaurant.  The pork chops were the best I have ever eaten...fork tender...thick sliced...the flavor was amazing.  BUT...that was a mistake that I can't afford to have happen again.

No work out today...or tomorrow...the hives haven't fully pulled in and I am still a little wheezy.  I freaking hate using an epipen or taking a ton of benadryl.  My face is swollen on the left side.  I feel like Quasimodo. 

I am making sure to drink plenty of water...and while I am not working out...I am doing slow stretches while sitting in bed.  Flexibility is important as is range of motion.  So it's not a complete loss.

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