Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 7 - Tired puppy

9221 steps today...30 minutes of walking down stairs...walked up four flights of stairs.  My knees are hating me right now...I might need to cut back on the walking up.  The walking down doesn't hurt as much but the walking up....excruciating...maybe do only 1 flight twice a day and just see how that goes.

Eating oatmeal with cranberries, raisins and currants for breakfast...lunch was an unwich from Jimmy John's...no mayo or dressing...turkey, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onions with oregano and yellow mustard!!  Dinner...meh...not hungry...did drink 64oz of water and 20oz coca cola.

I am one tired puppy.

The stress levels at my work are at an all time high.  I have an employee who is leaving next week.  So, I need to start a job search but I do not know when my boss will have human resources post the job.  I would like to get someone fast, but there are questions about how to best allocate the work.

I wish things could be easy...and that people spoke the truth with out any agenda...I wish that trust was easily given and earned and not so easily lost or misplaced.  Then again...I wish I could hit the lottery....but you have to buy a ticket to win.

Time to change my attitude....life is what we make it.  Things will improve. Time for bed...

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