Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 2: (or Day 8) I think I can ...I think I can ...I think I can...

So...I had a teensy run in with a dresser leg and my toe.  The leg won. >.<    I got 8394 steps in today...kinda painful steps. I walked for 15 minutes today...and no stairs up...cause well it hurt.  I am seriously thinking that I am the little engine that could.  I keep telling myself that I need to keep chugging on.  I am pretty sure the toe is broke which also means that I need to baby it.  ARRRGGGHHH.  I want easy on something please.  

Work is most stressful and I wish I could figure out a way to make things better.  I just don't see a way to fix the situation.  I have never given up on anything...and I have to admit that I am feeling like that may be only option.  I keep praying to God to lead me where I need to go and show me what I need to give me the words I need to say to keep the situation cool and calm.

Only positive I can say for metal smithing class was AWESOME!!!  I have all my projects finished so far and I can prep my artwork for approval for my Letter project.  I am very excited.  I am thinking of a frog sitting on a log.  I have to see what clipart I can find since I suck at freehand drawing. I will try to get some pics together of the things I have made so far. 

Send me messages or leave a comment.  I want to know about your positive changes. 

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