Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 3: Surprise...Surprise!!

Well, imagine my surprise when I stood on the scales to see that I had dropped a few pounds...well...more than a few pounds...can you say 24?

Yes...I know.  Shocking.  Well...I would venture to guess that the tinkering with my blood pressure medication has helped with the water retention in my legs and feet...and apparently in my torso and hands and face.  Who knew?  I didn't.  Just didn't think there was enough water to be the equivalent to a small child. :P

Also, I didn't know my thyroid was sputtering out a batch of hormones which wasn't playing nice with my T3 and T4 medications.  So...means I need a scan of my thyroid to see what's going on and to rule out any nodules or tumors. Personally, I would prefer to not feel like I am on speed and coming out of my skin...or like I have ADHD. 

Due to the ice storm this week, my walking has been limited...for fear of my extreme klutziness and how easily I would break my bones.  I did do 3 sets of 10 of my bicep curls, tricep extensions and dumbbell squats along with 50 wall pushups.  I even spent 30 minutes dancing to pop music.  

I have also cut my Coca-Cola intake down from my normal 32oz drink with ice to just a 12oz can once a day.  My water intake has increase over 72oz.  (I hate the taste of water...well...the lack of taste...but I am trying.)  I have also been very deliberate on not cheating and taking a nibble of garlic bread or a bite of a sugar cookie.  The wheat allergy & gluten sensitivity has finally become too dangerous...and my need for comfort food will have to find another way to deal with stress.

My life is full of so many changes...things that I must do...for me -- so that I can be a better, healthier "me"...for my kids -- so that I can be around a long time for them...and for my Imzadi -- so that he knows how much I love him...that he is all that I need and want...that he is enough for me...that he is my safe harbor and haven. 

Things have been strained between he and large part to a failure in communication between us.  He's dealing with a lot of stress due to things surrounding money and job situation...he's been shutting me out and trying to deal with it all on his own...thinking its not my business to share the burden with him or help him deal with the stress...and probably trying to protect me from it as well.  I just wish he would realize that when two people are in a long term relationship that they face these things together.  When you say vows, there isn't anything in them that says...I will handle my burdens alone.  It's all about how you are stronger as partners in life than as single entities.

Now, I am not saying he is to blame in this breakdown of communication.  He knew how stressed I have been at my work with all the craziness that has been going on...with the stress my body has been going through from all the medical issues.  He's actually being quite loving in trying to protect me.  He also needs to realize that if I ask, he needs to share because keeping things from me bears the hallmark of "SECRETS" and as everyone relationship survives secrets...ever.

Okay...back on track to my positive changes this week to add are going to be ways to improve my work.  I will continue with the other changes -- the walking, the stairs, the weight training and the dancing. Please share your positive changes with me.  I want to hear them.

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