Friday, December 7, 2012

Dr. Larry Greenbaum - "Kiss My..." The Worst Kind of Doctor **UPDATED**

My friends...I have been mulling this post over for several days while being very aggressive in focusing my anger.

On November 30, 2012, Dr. Larry Greenbaum blogged about reprehensible behavior and illegal actions...things he came across as bragging.  His post can be found HERE.

He begins his post with "If your practice is like mine, you probably don’t bill for "consult level 5" very often. That is the most expensive level of care on our office superbill, and I usually reserve it for patients with huge volumes of records, patients who take an inordinate amount of time, or patients who annoy me in some other extraordinary fashion."  I am sorry, but I find this portion of his statement vile, and unlucky for him...potentially illegal, an ethical violation and dickish.

You might ask why I say illegal.  Well, insurance fraud is a criminal act...and if he is found guilty of having done this to patients who were on Medicaid/Medicare, then it could also be a federal crime at that.  Best case scenario in my mind, good ole Larry goes to federal jail, loses his license to practice medicine, and lots of patients and former patients sue his ass off for fraudulent billing to them.  A girl can dream...these wishful thoughts are just my vent ramblings...//sigh...back to reality.

Greenbaum's post goes even further over the line of just that one statement, he talks disparagingly of a 75 year old patient.  While technically he did not violate HIPPA since he did not tell us the patient's name, he provided explicit personal details that would allow the patient and/or anyone close to the patient to figure out who it is.  But what truly angers me the most is this sentence "I charged him level 5 for taking so much of my time, for bad-mouthing his previous doctors, and for incessant whining."  I'm sorry but just because someone expressed displeasure with a previous doctor does not mean he is not speaking the truth about the service given by that same said doctor...which Larry even admitted that "He had a deformity of his big toe due to a claw toe surgical repair that had gone awry." 
So, maybe he didn't "bad mouth" his doctor but Larry was too full of himself to even retract that disparaging assessment.  AND excuse me...INCESSANT WHINING?!?!  WTF? case you didn't use your "brain"...when someone comes into a doctor's office, especially one for rheumatology, they are most likely in PAIN you nebbish, little man.  Where is your compassion, especially for someone who is 75 years of age?  You are the reason there are issues with our healthcare system...that it is broken and why it is so expensive to get care.  You are also a poor excuse for a doctor and human being.

I have reported Larry to the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana, The Indiana Attorney General's Office, the Johnson County Sheriff's office and to I-Team 8's tip line.  I am debating printing out his blog and camping at his office to hand out the blog for his current patients to read how little he thinks of some of them.

You might ask why I am so up in arms over this jerk.  Well, in November 2008, my employer changed my health insurance carrier and I lost the fantastic doctor I had, Dr. Steven Neucks.  Larry was in the new network and he was close to my home.  I only saw him a couple few times.  You know how thin those walls are  in most doctor's offices.  I could hear him talking "down to" and "at" his other patients.  For me, when he became angry when I told him that I didn't want to try methotrexate again because I had already failed it previously and it caused issues with my liver.  When he told me to shut up because he had a headache and that I didn't know what I was talking about...I lost it.  Everyone has bad days.  If he felt so poorly, he should have had someone else cover his appointments or had us reschedule.  But to treat someone like crap because he felt bad, I do my damnedest to not do that when I am flaring.  I ripped into him and told him not to speak to me in that manner because he was there to provide a service to me because I was PAYING HIM, as was my insurance.  I never went back.  I was lucky that my family doctor agreed to treat me until I could get back to my previous doctor.

Now...the site who allows him to blog, in response to all of the outrage directed at Larry's post...instead of reacting in a positive manner to the outrage by denouncing his views and comments, Rheumatology News chose to disable the comment feature on the blog post. for me, that pisses me off because they are trying to hide the outrage his blog caused.

OUTRAGE...that is what is happening with in the autoimmune community.

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My sure to avoid this doctor at all costs.  Love you!!