Friday, June 26, 2015

NO COOTIES ALLOWED!!!! Those Pesky Opportunistic Infections

The tell tale scratchy throat...the sudden cotton mouth feeling...the twinges of copper metallic taste...oh I knew what was developing...the dreaded...


A simple increase in my immune suppressing medications and the need to use my asthma inhaler was all my mouth needed to have the scales tipped in the wrong direction!

It sucks that it is such a delicate balancing act to keep any infection at bay, but for some reason...thrush seems to be the
"GO TO" infection these days.

What many do not realize is that even though my immune system is in hyper drive attacking me, it is also missing important components to protect me from getting sick.  This is a multilayer issue...because I take strong medications to suppress my immune system to try to control the lupus and because my immune system is lacking key features to fight off certain types of infections.  

if you are sick...

Trying to prevent getting sick has nearly made me a germophobe. Catching the common cold typically leads to pneumonia for me because of my asthma and compromised immune system.

Many people just don't understand the risk to people like me when they take their sick kids out and about or they come to work sick.  


CHICKEN POX CAN TRIGGER SHINGLES FOR SOMEONE LIKE ME......kindly keep your child home.  

After three bouts of shingles...I am done being polite about this. Chicken pox, while for most kids, is fairly is highly dangerous for someone like me to have.  

Opportunistic infections can kill someone with a compromised immune no I am not being overly dramatic.  Case in point, the young man in Florida who recently died from contracting a skin infection while swimming.

Flesh Eating Bacteria Kills Florida Swimmer

The last thing anyone wants is to get sick.  Having lupus is hard enough...I don't need any help feeling worse!  :P

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The worst things someone can do...

Is make me not
TRUST them.

Is hurt me because they are fucked up in their lives.

Is lie to me 

Is break their promise, word, or vow to me

Is not love and cherish me.

Is not respect me.

Is not keep me SAFE.

Is not take me serious when I say STOP! 

Is make me walk away because I am DONE.

I give a lot of chances...I forgive too readily because I believe in the good in everyone.  BUT...when I am done...I am done.

Life is too short to waste it on energy vampires, toxic dumps, and negative ninnies.  I believe God has us serve our fellow man, but He does not expect us to suffer continually.  He will let you know when He is satisfied with your work and He will close the door for you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tolerance and Acceptance

I heard you.  Every sarcastic, rude, snide remark as you followed me from the parking garage near my work.

Every "oink" sound.  

Every "go back to where you came from you break my eyes to look at you"

Every "Dayam, someone needs to teach you how to do make-up."

To the final, "you are so dayam ugly, maybe you should kill yourself."

All of his rhetoric was interspersed with his snickers, snorts and laughs. 

I turned around at that last comment.  I looked him straight in the face as I walked up to him.  He was shocked I finally acknowledge his existence.  I smiled and said.  "I am sure your mother raised you better than this.  I am sure your mother would be devastated that you treated another human being as you have just treated me.  I will pray for your mother's broken heart at how you have turned out, because I am sure she had high hopes for her son."   He stood there silent.  

I added, "By the way, I have lupus, I am sure you know what that is as so many role models in the music industry stand up in support of research for it."  He nodded, looking very ashamed of himself.

I turned to leave to get into my office, and he said, "I am sorry."  I tried not to let the tears show when I replied, "I know." 

I woke up with my lupus rash blooming.  It's painful.  I don't put any make-up on to cover it as it hurts too much.  It still isn't no where near the worst it has been.  Yes, I am overweight.  For so many reasons, and surprisingly, overeating isn't one of them. 

HELLO PEOPLE...words hurt.  They cut deep.  They can never be unheard or unsaid.  YOU CAN NEVER UNDO THE DAMAGE YOU CAUSE.  No one has the right to bully, make fun of, or hurt another with their acidic tongue.  EVER.



Got it?