Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Neurology appointment update...


Neurologist appointment set up for next week on the 9th.  Feeling optimistic about seeing this new rheumatologist.  Terrified otherwise.  Not looking forward to the tests and time lost having to do them.  The spinal tap is the one I am dreading the most.  

My last one I missed a week of work dealing with it...and it was a fluoroscope guided one.  I still needed the blood patch to stop the leaking.  I am not sure how many MRIs will be needed...head, neck, spine...but possibly hands, feet and pelvis.

It's been a long time since I had an evoked potential test.  It measures the time it takes the nerves to respond to stimulation.  Per WebMD, there are three types of evoked potentials that are typically tested for:  

  • Visual evoked response or potential (VER or VEP), which is when the eyes are stimulated by looking at a test pattern.
  • Auditory brain stem evoked response or potential (ABER or ABEP), which is when hearing is stimulated by listening to a test tone.
  • Somatosensory evoked response or potential (SSER or SSEP), which is when the nerves of the arms and legs are stimulated by an electrical pulse.

On a lupus a press release today, the Alliance for Lupus Research (ALR), the Lupus and Allied Diseases Association (LADA), Lupus Foundation of America (LFA), and the Lupus Research Institute (LRI) announce that a Lupus Patient-Focused Drug Development Meeting - Lupus: Patient Voices - will be held in spring 2017.  

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