Friday, June 3, 2016

Some people seem to be clueless....

I am at a loss when people ask me questions, and then make wild assumptions...
about me...what I health...etc.

I apparently seek attention and I am trying to fill something missing in my life by posting on FB or writing my blog.  I have had someone tell me I focus too much on my so-called "LUPUS" and if I just "lived", then I would be fine.


...RIIIIIGHT...because I haven't tried that...

The Picard Facepalm...because no other will do!

I don't complain 24/7.  It serves no freaking purpose to complain.   It truly doesn't.  I am the "find the positive in any situation kind of person".  

Here is the truth about my world...

...about the pain...pain that keeps adjusting my "normal range" because I have become used to the that level of pain.  PAIN that will cause me to puke because it is so intense. if I thought food or liquids wanted to stay in my stomach.  I love running to the bathroom 4 to 6 times a day...EVERY empty my stomach. 

...fatigue....THE BONE CRUSHING FATIGUE.  Fatigue so heavy it feels at times as if it will suffocate me because I don't have the energy to breathe let alone try to move and be productive.

...the bleary brain fog...I am a highly intelligent person and this fog makes me feel like I am slowly becoming incompetent.  That all of the knowledge I have accumulated in my life time is draining through a sieve.

...joint swelling & stiffness...I love dropping things because my hands won't close all of the way from swelling and stiffness.  Or how my knees and elbows won't bend enough to allow me to walk stairs or how I can't write with a pen for more than 3 minutes before my hand stops working.

...headaches...These never stop.  It is a migraine every day...and this goes back to becoming accustomed to that level of pain.

...rashes...I love glowing magenta or being covered in hives or having blisters show up on my legs, chest and arms for no reason. Or have someone look at me in horror and say...ARE YOU CONTAGIOUS?!?!  NO wait...when the blood vessels are inflamed with vasculitis and I get LESIONS from it.  Yeah...those are the BEST...not. (sigh)

(why yes, I do tell all of that to one person...THE DOCTOR, because he is the only one who truly needs to know that stuff. :P )

I just don't feel the need to complain.  I am blessed beyond measure and have much for which to be thankful.

Don't get me wrong.  This person (and everyone else who has said similar stuff to me...and I bet you) means well and truly thinks they are having an epiphany telling us this.  They don't get we hear it all of the time.  

...EAT ME....DRINK ME...

...and you will be CURED!!!!

Let me clue you all in.  There is no cure...not yet.  Research is working diligently to find a cure and the best course of treatments while working towards that cure.  Diet, exercise and following the treatment plan our doctors give us are the best way we as patients can give ourselves the best chance to do well and have periods of remission for our it Lupus, RA, MS, Ankylosing Spondylitis...etc.  

I know people want to help us because they feel helpless in a way to know what is best to say.  We aren't asking you to say anything.  We want you to be our friends, family, etc.  To listen to us if we need to "vent".  Offer a should for us to cry on as we deal with whatever it is.  This lends into a grieving moment for the permanent loss of something from our lives.  We have had to give much to adjust so that we don't put ourselves into the hospital or cause a life threatening flare.

Ask us what we need...if it is something you can do, I am sure many would be thankful for the offer and the assistance.  Sometimes it's just having someone there who listens and is a presence.  <3 br="" nbsp="">
I will reiterate...I am blessed beyond measure.

The sun came up today.  I love an amazing, wonderful man.  I have two beautiful kids.  Three equally beautiful grand kids.  A job I love.  My fur baby, Dallas.  Amazing friends and family.  A roof over my head, food to eat, and a vehicle to get where I need to go.

Does anyone really need more than that?

I dare say...NOPE!!

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Laila Newton said...

You have been my friend for a long time. You never complain. Compared to Lupus my RA is not trying to kill me. Keep blogging sweetheart.